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Members of the Derry brigade of the IRA.

Dental work on a Mummy from ancient Egypt, 4000 years ago.

Dead cicada.
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Revolutionary Russian sailors of Russian Imperial Navy battleship Petropavlovsk in Helsinki during summer 1917. Flag carries text “Death to the bourgeois”.
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Jenny Holzer

Red hot piece of steel sawdust imbedded in the eye

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Jusepe de Ribera - The Head of Saint John the Baptist (1644)

Leg amputation in an 1821 illustration by the Scottish surgeon Charles Bell. The tourniquet was there to numb the pain and reduce blood flow, but this could also lead to serious tissue damage.

Bleeding Christ, first sweated blood and then bled profusely, at Easter, 1971.
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Anonymous: are u happy?

damn so serious

i mean things have been better to be honest lol

but at the moment im fine

are you happy?

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talk to me please i’ve almost drank my bottle so i might not make any sense but i’ll try


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